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Want to leave

your business?

Since 2003 B.A. Boss S.L. has been assisting owners  of companies in transferring the ownership of businesses.

What Is It That We Do?


Buying & Selling

We get more deals done because we know how to solve problems and to structure transactions.

Getting Coffee

Leaving & Starting

You need to know when to enter and when to exit a business: failing to plan is planning to fail!


Value & Price

"Value is what you have, price is what you get!"

Know the difference and evade excessive expectations!

For Who Do We Do It?

We have participated directly and indirectly in hundreds of transfers, helping business owners to retire and helping hundreds of entrepreneurs realizing their dream of becoming independent business people. 


We offer  our services  to both owners and future owners of companies, and to intermediaries and other professionals

- like real estate agents, administration offices, tax advisers, lawyers, attorneys, auditors, consultants, that could (should) be involved in the process of a transition of ownership of a company.

Our Services
Business Owners

We help the current business owners successfully plan and execute a transfer of, or exit from, their business or business assets by finding new owners (successors, MBI/MBO, buyers or investors).

Future Business Owners

We help future owners by finding the appropriate company, business or assets for them, that allow them to realize their goal of entering a new market, increase their market share or improve on their current commercial activities.


We also offer custom-made solutions for specific requirements and situations during the transition period, to other professionals involved in exit and entry planning and M&A.

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