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Why Choose B.A. Boss?

Why choose us

Through the years, we have been involved in dozens of operations (sale and acquisitions) and hundreds of valuations of small and mid-sized companies, in Spain, Europe, Australia, and in Latin America.


Our buyers came from many different countries as the UK, France, The Netherlands, from Europe, Asia (Hong Kong), the USA and Latin America.


Our companies and partners have been dealing with businesses in the manufacturing industry, services (both to other businesses and to consumers), in the tourist and recreational sector, education, retail, wholesale, new technologies and real estate.


The price range of the business transfers we have been involved with is from €30,000 to € 30 million.

List of industries and sectors of previous clients we served (2003 – present):

Manufacturing/ Industry:

  • Production of industrial motor parts (gear motors);

  • Installation/servicing of silos, heavy equipment (cement industry), installation of production means (machinery, transport belts);

  • Textile industry (machinery, fabrics);

  • Transportation;


  • Supermarkets, fruit & vegetable stores, deli stores, specialized food stores (diet, alternative food supplements), fast food;

  • Clothing stores, personal care (beauty products);

  • Tobacco stores;


  • Clothing supplements,

  • Software,

  • Food;


  • Language schools,

  • General educational centers,

  • Childcare;


  • Hotels, pensions, camping grounds,

  • Restaurants, bars, cafeterias;

  • Event organization (trade fairs);

  • Child centers (recreational, franchises);


  • Hospitals, elderly homes, chiropractic clinic, dental practices;

  • Tanning salons, fitness centers, sport schools;

  • IT businesses (web design, IT services);

  • Courier services,

  • Copy stores, newsstands;

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My name is Henk Oudeman, I am the owner and founder of B.A. Boss S.L.

I have also been the founder of VR Business Brokers in Spain (with 15 offices in Spain and Portugal when I sold the company) and Connecor Investments (, that expanded internationally with offices in Barcelona, London, Hong Kong and Cyprus.

I have been the executive officer of Bizalia, Spain's biggest website for the sale of companies (

I have a master degree in Business Economics from the University of Groningen (The Netherlands); I am one of the few professionals in Spain that is a member of the IBBA (see and the only one that has earned the accreditation of a Certified Business Intermediary.

I have been involved with as many valuations and transactions of businesses as anyone in Spain. I am specialized in the valuation, preparation and guidance of transfers of ownership of businesses, assisting either selling or buying parties, negotiating on their behalf or mediating between both parties.

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