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Are you a business service-provider?

B.A. Boss offers collaboration and supporting services to those professional service providers with clients that are involved in a business start-up, an acquisition or the opposite, looking at a divestment, a succession or sale of the business.


Professional parties as law-firms, accountants or administration offices, real estate agents or other professional service providers, that could use the support of a specialist in business transfers, can call us for assistance in those areas where needed.


​We offer various support packages varying from a collaboration during the entire transaction or only during certain phases or steps, and may consist of:

  • getting personalized consultation and coaching,

  • supplying documents as checklists, questionnaires or contracts (or clauses), and

  • planning of the entire process;

  • data base management and data room organization; 

  • promotional tools (sales memoranda, teasers, advertising-texts, media selection, mailings) in different languages;

  • advertising via various media and in various countries/languages;

  • support in mediation and negotiation (M&N), devils’ advocate (second opinion);

  • coordination of due diligence process.


Our services, the personalized attention and all materials are available in three languages (English, Spanish and Dutch)


Our support is custom-made for what is needed: a one-time support for a specific transaction or an on-going support for a longer period of time and a variety of clients.


We are also always interested to get into contact with other professional service providers who are interested to work with us for the benefit of ours and theirs clients, to improve on the quality of service and the likelihood of getting better and more deals!


Parties like:

  • Real estate agencies

  • Bookkeeping and Accounting services

  • Legal service providers, notaries


Please send us an e-mail or call for more information and getting to know you!

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