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Our Range of Services: 



We have defined three categories of services we offer, from offering a total package to offering only one specific task:

  •     Exit & Entry Strategies & Planning (ESP)

  •     M&A and Business Brokerage, incl. searching investment opportunities

  •     Specialized services during transfer of ownership of companies

With Exit Strategies and Planning we refer to all possible scenarios a current business owner has to exit his company. These options include the internal succession by a family member, friend or other person, it considers the so-called “third party” options of selling or merging the company, and the possibility of closing the company.

Entry strategies refers to companies or investors wishing to enter (or expand in) a market by setting up a subsidiary company or by looking at a potential acquisition or collaborating (merging, joint ventures) parties.

B.A. Boss provides assistance by defining the various possibilities (including the financial projections/expectations of each option) and setting up the program to execute an exit or entry plan.


With M&A and Business Brokerage we focus on the third party options of exit and entry strategies, when a business owner has decided to sell his business or an investor wishes to acquire a company.

It is also possible to sell (divest) or buy (invest in) only a part of a business or specific assets. And we also come across a lot of start-ups or business development projects. In those cases we focus on Investment Opportunities. We include here projects, real estate properties and start-up’s, looking for funding or partners (participation), or investors looking to find opportunities to buy, or invest in, these assets, properties etc.


With Specialized Services we refer to all the different services that are needed to execute an exit and entry strategy planning, or to complete the process to buy (invest in or open) or sell (or close or liquidate) a company and/or its’ assets. Instead of offering these services as a package and assist during the entire process, as in the ESP program and an M&A/Business brokerage process, we also offer selected services during only a specific part of the process. 



These services include valuations and price opinions for companies, the preparation of sales memorandums, data rooms, promoting activities like advertising a listing, using our data base of contacts, assistance with deal structuring (maximizing net income or minimizing risks and investments) and also contracted assistance (paid by hour/day/ month) for a limited time or process like the negotiation processes, supervising due diligence processes, or other specialized tasks.

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