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Looking at starting or buying a business?

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When considering to become a business owner and becoming you're own boss, where do you start? Or, when you are already a business owner and you're looking for a diversification of existing activities, what can you consider, besides an internal expansion program?


To enter in a (new) business or activity one has several options to pursue your goals:

  • Starting an activity from scratch;

  • Looking for a partner;

  • Looking for a joint-venture;

  • Looking for a merger;

  • Working with a third party on a cooperation (license) agreement;

  • Franchising

  • Participating in an existing company;

  • Taking over an existing company;

B.A. Boss offers new and existing business owners a custom-made entry program to become active in Spain.


Our reports and analysis will give you the desired leverage and strengthen your position while negotiating a transaction.

You can evaluate various business opportunities and compare the options in the market under competitive conditions.

We not only estimate the value of businesses, we also know where to find interested parties (companies looking for buyers/investors), as often these parties are not on the market looking to be taken over.

Moreover, we can handle initial interviews, discussions and negotiations with prospective businesses and generally assist with the search, contacts, negotiation, acquisition and transfer process.


Together with financial and legal experts, we will develop a tailor-made solution to ensure the transaction is carried out in the most efficient manner.

We will assist in drawing up the necessary contracts so that all parties involved are protected against unforeseen events, future claims and contingencies.

We will also coordinate and supervise the due diligence process to verify the books and the health of the company.

Our knowledge of the Spanish/Latin markets will provide you with an edge in the negotiation process and protect you against unexpected pitfalls.

We'll bridge a possible lack in your knowledge about cultural habits and local customs in the Spanish/Latin business world (When in Rome ...).

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